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Bravilor Bolero Turbo LV12

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Bolero Turbo LV12


The Bolero Turbo LV12 offers a choice of eight hot drinks, for instance coffee, coffee crema, latte, cappuccino, espreschoc, espressochoc, moccachino and chocolate. The machine can also serve hot water from a separate outlet.

Bravilor Bonamat stands for quality. The professional ventilation system ensures that the liquid concentrate stays 7°C to 10°C cooler than its environmental temperature, so that it retains its freshness for a longer period.

Bolero Turbo LV12 features

  • 1 Bag-In-Box container of long-life liquid concentrate.
  • 2 canisters for instant ingredients e.g. for topping (milk powder) and cocoa.
  • Choice of 8 hot drinks.
  • Separate push button for hot water.
  • Clear LCD illuminated display.
  • User-friendly operation with push buttons.
  • Large hot water boiler for high volumes (over 7 litres) and quick dispensing.
  • High ROI thanks to the patented hot water system (less susceptible to scaling).
  • Smooth ingredient flow thanks to the patented Bravilor Bonamat ingredient mixing system, which prevents clogging in the mixing units.

The Bolero Turbo machines feature as standard a rinsing program, energy saving mode, day and cumulative counters. The machines indicate when descaling is necessary and when the drip-tray is full.


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  • Coffee
  • Crema coffee
  • Café au lait
  • Cappuccino
  • Espreschoc
  • Espressochoc
  • Hot chocolate
  • Moccachino
  • Hot water
Hour capacity
  • 40 liter
Water pressure
  • 1 bar
Water connection
  • Stainless steel
  • 230V~ 50/60Hz 3510W
Dimensions wxdxh
  • 333x484x813 mm
Tap height
  • 130/210 mm
Article number
  • Bolero Turbo LV12 Stainless steel



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