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Franke A600

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The A600 is the new standard in the mid-capacity range. The crystal clear touchscreen with its three customizable user interfaces provides an ideal basis for users to interact with the machine. A functional LED lighting concept gives you full control over  all machine operations. At its heart, the machine has been optimized consistently for efficiency and perfection. The practical bean hopper, the precision bean grinder with ceramic discs and the selection  from among three different brewing units all combine to deliver perfect coffee. In combination with the optional FoamMaster™, Flavour-Station and optional cup warmer, the A600 is the optimal solution for any beverage needs.



  • FoamMaster™ for milk foam
  • m2m/telemetry enabled
  • Flavour-station for 3 x syrup flavours (Foam master)
  • 2 x powder options available for Hot Chocolate or Milk Powder
  • Fridge units can be side fridge, under machine fridge or under counter fridge
  • Cup warmer



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